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Put the world in conversation.

A Vivero innovation studio concept that brings audio engagement to global podcast audiences to drive community and togetherness.

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In an overstimulating era of multisensory media, audio has a more powerful impact on a consumer than visual content. Listening to audio is the most active and effective way of consuming media. It frees your imagination to picture what you’re hearing. This means audio leaves a significant mark on a consumer's mind and stays there longer.

We believe that using the power of audio in the world of E-commerce will unlock a new consumer engagement experience driving community, connection, and conversation.

Did you know?

Consumers say...


Audio in marketing is more

memorable than visuals.


Audio helps to understand a brand's personality.


Audio enables greater connections with brands.

The Mission.

We exist to put the world in conversation. As the digital landscape continues to evolve in a direction featuring increasingly easier check-outs, faster transactions, and expedited delivery, our mission is to make sure one of our most basic human needs is still being met. We see the future of eCommerce being one in which consumers are able to experience connection and conversation on any retail website or app, making them feel like they are walking right into a store and part of something bigger - a community of digital campfires anchored in the stories made possible by the brands and products we know and love.

The Problem.

Audio has not yet been placed in the social graph as a truly meaningful medium that brings a deep level of emotion and togetherness to an otherwise isolating and transactional online activity.

The implementation of audio into ‘walled garden’ Apps or as additional features to existing social media platforms over the last 18 months hasn’t resulted in consistent growth or traction. Social audio category leader Clubhouse’s claim to fame was short-lived and quickly declined with downloads crashing from 9.6 million in February 2021 to just 900,000 in April 2021. It doesn’t target a use case that offers a win-win experience for both businesses and consumers.

Introducing Conversation Media Tabs. The integrated conversation experience that provides community interaction directly on an already existing, popular, and loved eCommerce website.

Our utilitarian and recognizable ‘Tabs’ capture audiences of consumers right in their regular daily online behavior and bring a whole new level of engagement to the digital retail experience. This product approach harnesses the power of the human voice like never before to strengthen the bonds between brands and buyers. Conversation Media Tabs ignite consideration, conversion, loyalty, and advocacy to deliver increased revenue, retention, and trust.

The Market.

Conversation Media targets a ‘Golden Spot’ in the Global Customer Engagement Solutions Market and has the potential to obtain a serviceable market of around $200 million as a SaaS solution by the end of 2026.

That's a 9.1% CAGR

$15.1 billion

in 2020

$27.7 billion

in 2027

The Solution.

Targeting the 'Golden Spot' between audio, eCommerce, & community.

Screenshot (449)_edited.jpg

Amplify loved podcasts with an experience that connects hosts, guests, and audiences with audio conversations.

(Intro 0.2) Conversation Media (1).png
(Intro 0.2) Conversation Media.png

The Use Cases.

The creative opportunities are endless and have the potential to become a creator or brand's 'best friend' at the heart of their content creation strategy.

This level of engagement will be unbeatable in comparison to the existing audio engagement formats. Conversation Media Tabs will present creators and brands with the optimal way to invite their audiences into intimate conversational experiences directly on their own domain URLs.

Enabling both live and asynchronous conversations is key and means audiences always have something to listen to and join.

Exclusive Q&A's

Fireside chats

Community get-togethers

Reviews & testimonials

Expert & celebrity take-overs

Live episode 'after parties'.

Podcast streaming

Product launch events

“The accessibility problems of today are the mainstream breakthroughs of tomorrow.”

Eve Andersson, Director, Accessibility Engineering, Google

The medium of audio is by nature an ideal fit for the 15% of the global population that lives with a disability. This percentage of buyers is accountable for a staggering $8 trillion in online spending annually. Conversation Media Tabs will be designed with accessibility at the forefront of our minds every step of the way. We believe digital inclusion is a human right and strive to achieve the highest standards of usability. 

The Model.

Conversation Media Tabs will become an essential B2C SaaS engagement tool for all creators across the digital landscape. The product is aimed at a target market of creators that are sponsored by lifestyle brands that are not simply selling a product or service, but the way of life behind it. Our go-to-market strategy focuses on lifestyle-centric health, apparel, and beauty brands.

Revenue is generated through a membership-based micro-payment model. We believe in empowering diverse brands of all sizes to implement Conversation Media Tabs. To make this possible, the model offers flexible, pay-as-you-go memberships. This means brands can purchase conversation bundles and live streaming time to meet their unique needs.

The Founders 👋


Rachael Jennings

Design & experience

Antwerp, BE

Growing up as a 'third-culture-kid' meant Rachael was a student in varying school systems across Europe, The UK, and The US. She learned the importance of two fundamental aspects of life; education and communication. She is certified in Early Childhood Development and Psychology with 4 years of primary school teaching experience. In 2020, she developed and presented 'Voicebeams', a K-12 audio-first experience, to LEGO Ventures. Her skills lie in organization, design, being inclusive, and being agile-minded.

Headshot 2_edited.jpg

Sarah Zargarpour

Market & customers

Amsterdam, NL

A former US Division-1 athlete, Sarah is currently leading innovation at one of Europe's largest beverage companies. Previously Sarah was a part of the Uniliever family where she was involved with some of the biggest CPG brands such as Magnum, Dove, Ben & Jerry’s, and Lipton. Sarah is talented in combining insights and intuition to hone in on the right approach. She is skilled in understanding market areas and finding product market fit while thinking outside the box.

The €100,000 Question.

In 2020, only 2.3% of female-led start-ups received VC funding. The odds might be against us, but we aren't afraid to ask. We are determined to be part of a much-needed change in the world of business and funding. 


Bringing the vision of Conversation Media Tabs to life within the next 6 months will require a pre-seed investment from open-minded and passionate investors of €100,000.


This capital investment will cover the costs of developing a fully-functioning MVP, launching a customer-oriented brand, designing a completely inclusive and accessible product - as well as employing our founding duo. 

The Plan.

Our end goal is for Conversation Media Tabs to be acquired by a market leader in its early stages of development and traction. We have secured a direct relationship with Spotify and are pursuing the opportunity to share the concept with Shopify. A 6-month plan that is anchored in providing evidence of the experience being a valuable addition to an existing business's current engagement offerings breaks down how the capital raised in a pre-seed funding round would be allocated.


Q1 2022

  • Customer & use case discovery

  • Clickable prototype

  • Investor outreach

  • Identify domain experts


Q2 2022

  • Secure pre-seed funding

  • Commence 8 week MVP build with Lean Engineering

  • Develop brand identity & launch website

  • Sign up 8 early adopting customers

  • Engage in inclusive UI/UX design collaboration with Prime Access Consulting


Q3 2022

  • Launch publicly with open sign-up

  • Hand long-term development over to Red Hook Interactive

  • Present early traction and working product to the Talk Mission team at Spotify

Thank you!

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